Throughout the year we host a variety of events. We look forward to entertaining our clients and being introduced to our guests. Please note that all events are VIRTUAL and NO COST to you.

Our February Lineup



keisha blair author of holistic wealth

Living Your Plan: How to Achieve Financial Confidence
February 23rd - 12pm PT

Living through a global pandemic has taught many of us the importance of having a living plan, that we can adjust for the unexpected. Canadians are concerned about their cash flow, debt, and future retirement plans. Our guest speaker, Keisha Blair, knows this firsthand, as she credits her personal living plan with helping her find joy after experiencing such a sudden life tragedy.

Join this session to discover

     - tips and strategies for managing debt and cash flow
     - five principles of your living plan
     - how you can discover wealth beyond finances with tips from Keisha Blair, author of Holistic Wealth.





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