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For over 25 years, Bay & Associates has provided comprehensive and personalized financial planning expertise for clients across Western Canada.

If you're looking for a financial advisor in Kelowna, Vancouver, or anywhere else in B.C. and Alberta, book an initial consultation with us to see if we're a great fit.

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Andrew Bay has been a valued financial planning resource for me for over 20 years. After understanding my personal goals and objectives, he helped me develop a personalized investment plan for my unique situation. He explains things in a way that’s professional and easy to understand. Andrew continues to provide me and my husband with excellent service regarding financial planning and I thank him for making our plan a reality. Their expertise in financial planning is second to their ability to forge deep and meaningful relationships with their clients and family.

Shannon L., Maple Ridge, B.C.

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Our Solutions

With an enhanced team-based approach that provides both local and national industry experts, our financial planners provide you with an elevated level of advice and resources. We provide comprehensive wealth management solutions and based on what is right for your unique needs, we will tailor an approach specific to managing your wealth and achieving your goals.

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Tax Planning

Taxes are a critical consideration that impacts every aspect of your financial life. As part of a holistic planning approach, we’ll integrate sophisticated tax planning solutions to help manage the complexities of your wealth and ensure your overall plan is tax-efficient.

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Investment Planning

We are guided by a disciplined investment approach that leverages the combined talents of IG Private Wealth Management’s investments team and leading global investment partners. This helps unlock a world of opportunity, so you can confidently pursue your goals and financial well-being.

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Retirement Planning

Your retirement plan should keep pace with your life. Our personalized advice goes beyond evaluating numbers to give you insightful retirement strategies based on our deep understanding of what truly matters to you.  We spend time helping you clarify your goals and objectives then we create a comprehensive plan, which we will monitor to ensure it meets your evolving needs.

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Moving expenses A full-time student may be able to claim the expenses required to move to the education institution, if they move at least 40 kilometres closer to the school. Moving expenses can include flights, rental of vehicles, and shipment of clothing and other goods to the institution. However, moving expenses can only be claimed against the taxable portion of...
Ensuring that your loved ones are cared for after your passing is a common goal for families. This is especially relevant where your loved one is a person living with disabilities. The challenge is – even the most well-intentioned gifts can have unforeseen financial implications. To ensure that your chosen beneficiary’s financial resources, such as social assistance benefits, are not...
It’s over a decade since TFSAs were introduced, but some people still don’t fully understand them. Here are six benefits of TFSAs that you should know about. When the tax-free savings account (TFSA) was launched in 2009, it was thought of by many people as a secondary saving account where people would mostly store short-term cash. Few people realized the...