Local business leaders share their unique lessons and strategies for success. Andrew Bay interviews experts across of range of field, including engineering and technology, as they provide valuable advice into guiding high-performance teams and building strong businesses. 


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Meet your host

Andrew Bay is an Executive Financial Consultant at Bay & Associates. He has delivered over 200 corporate financial literacy workshops to over 80 companies. Andrew is experienced in individual wealth management, advanced compensation agreements, pension planning, and group benefits.


Michael Richardson - Past President and CEO of Binnie & Associates

Michael Richardson is the Past President & CEO of RF Binnie & Associates, a Civil Engineering firm in British Columbia. When Michael stepped into the President & CEO role, the firm had 60 employees, now it has grown to over 300. Binnie has continually been recognized as a Top Employer both provincially and nationally, largely because of his leadership and planning. For more information about Binnie, visit their website at https://binnie.com/

How a leadership team thrived during a pandemic

How did the President of a company adapt and THRIVE in the early stages of the pandemic? Michael provides input on the hard decisions the Board of Directors had to make so their business wouldn't shut down.

The invaluable role of mentorship

Michael has had a mentor for most of his professional life. He discusses his experience with a mentor, the importance of having one, and how to find one.

Advice for young professionals starting their careers

There have been many challenges over the last year for young professionals trying to start their careers. Michael Richardson gives advice on how to succeed early on in your career.

Financial planning in leadership

Planning will guide your success or lack thereof. What are you trying to achieve if you don't have a plan? Michael speaks on the importance of financial planning, both personally and in business.

Opportunities and challenges of business growth

How does the leader of a company manage growth? You put your employees in places where they excel and good things follow.

The value of great corporate culture

Michael Richardson speaks on the value of great corporate culture and how important it is when running a business. It reduces turnover, attracts top-tier talent, and moves the entire employee base closer together.

Succession planning in business

Succession planning is ambitious but critical to a business's success. Michael Richardson speaks on how their company planned for a successor and the challenges along with it.



Caroline Andrewes - President and CEO of ACEC-BC

For a bio of Caroline Andrewes, please go to https://acec-bc.ca/team/ 

How a financial background can help your professional life

Caroline chats about the importance of financial literacy and how it helps professionals in their careers.

COVID-19: Leading your team from strive to thrive

How did the engineering industry quickly pivot to thrive?

1) Make sure people are safe.
2) Business

Tips for new engineering students and graduates

Caroline talks to a group of University students studying engineering about the fears and concerns they have.

Advice for future leaders on personal financial planning

Very valuable information that Caroline gives on personal financial planning when starting your career.

Strategies to maintain emotional and mental resiliency

Last year imposed unique mental and emotional challenges. Caroline talks about the techniques she uses, as a leader, to ensure resiliency when you're not feeling as strong as you'd like.

How to shine in your belief system through activism

Caroline emphasizes the value of activism in your community, why you should shine in your belief system, and how to get involved.